ESV Bible Bundle by Olive Tree App Reviews

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One Tphing Missing

I really like this app. I use it 99% of the time when preparing and delivering a sermon. There is one thing missing and I'm not sure why it has not been provided. That's the ability to format text in the notes (bold, underline, highlight, or bullet). This would make this a FIVE STAR app.

Great Bible program

I really have no complaints, is the quickest way to look up Scriptures of any program I've ever used. I highly recommend it.

Thank you for making God's wonderful work available

May the good God Bless you for your great work

Great app

This app is great! I love the note taking, highlights, and concordance search abilities. My biggest source of dissatisfaction though, is that it does not have an audio Bible option. I would love to be able to select a chapter, a verse, or a section of verses to play aloud. So far, I can't. If that were added, this would be 5 stars!

Highly recommended

I like the looks and easy availability of the resources. I now sport several versions. My pastor let me know that he preferred Olive Tree over the other leading apps.

Pretty Good App, But....

I like to use this app, but lately it crashes a lot. I'm about to come to the conclusion that it has something to do with the font size. Leaving everything at the default setting, I don't have as much trouble with crashes.

Audio and navigation

I bought the expensive version thinking it would be better than the rest but I'm not seeing the difference. I like to use my phone to read it to me but that doesn't work very well.but overall I'm OK with the app and the presentation of the mighty word. Much better on iPad

My Daily Bread

I use this app every day for my "quiet time" with the Lord. It allows me to take extensive notes, highlight key passages, and categorize passages of scripture; and it syncs across multiple devices so I have all my notes with me regardless of the device. I'm grateful for being able to keep God's written word with me always with this app.

Use this app every day!

I take my iPad with me rather than my heavy Bible because this app gives me all the tools I need and much more than just my former study Bible. Over a number of months I have added quite a number of additional resources, including books by numerous authors. The study supplements provide good insight when the system does not crash. I downloaded the original app from iTunes and everything worked beautifully, but then went to what I thought was the Olive Tree website and accepted their app. Now my system crashes everyday if I use some of the reference material. I am so disappointed in the performance of this app now.

Love it!!!

Words can not describe how much I enjoy this application.

Excellent Bible Translation

I love my ESV Study Bible. I have also bought other study tools from Crossway. I encourage all my friends and business associates to use the ESV for their Daily Bible reading and study. The church that I worship with is using the ESV for our daily Bible readings in 2015. It is great!

ESV Bible Study review

I have enjoyed using this resource on my iPad regularly. It provides more than I use and synchronises bibles and commentaries well for split screen analysis. The features are plentiful and some take getting used to. I would and have recommended it to others.

My all time favorite app

Amazing app that I use virtually every day. Well worth the modest price. Dual windows w commentary synched, quicker navigation and search and cross references has made this my favorite devotional tool and one of my top two all time apps.

Great bible study app

I love using this app. It has been used almost every day as a study aid. I love being able to easily look up the meaning of words in the original language.

Exceptional / Economical

Olive Tree products - all of them - are very economical and easy to use. I have much more complicated and exhaustive Bible programs which offer amazing study tools. However it takes many, many hours to learn to use them. Olive Tree, however, is so simple a child (or a senior like me!) can readily use it. Highly Recommended!

Excellent Bible App

Love: -The notes -The ease of use -The different versions -The ability to change the font -The ability to underline or highlight (and choose exactly the color I want!) -Quickly move around the Bible - great for in depth bible studies that have you looking up tons of verses All in all - VERY happy. Worth the price tag!

Great Bible App

Everything works great!!! I still use google to search for bible verses.

Olive tree

Enjoy using it. Have given as gifts to young Christians. Makes a very meaningful gift. The reading plans are an exciting way to read the bible many times and many ways. It works if you are looking for a two week study or a year long. Thanks One of the best purchases I've ever made. My bible and reading plans all at my fingertips. How wonderful. I am a more enlightened Christian because i have it access to it 24/7 Excellent. Gives me so many resources at the tip of my finger. My daily walk is enriched by having Olive Tree for iPad De Taylor Your updates increase the usefulness of this app, making it a one stop place for all my bible studies

Great product

What a wonderful application. Very intuitive to use. It has replaced my printed Bible. Love having all of my reference material with me.

Very Helpful

This app is thorough and easy to use

I really enjoy the new format but a bit buggy

I really enjoy the new format. The tweaks make it more intuitive and the ability to link to other areas of scripture are easily set up. I very much like being able to set up links and notes for our Bible studies in this app. I also like links via Internet URLs....very usable for external commentaries. I do wish that sharing of sermon notes to Olive Tree as a global option existed...sharing to hundreds simultaneously. Helpful also would be a PPT or GoogleSlides link. I gave LOGOS to our pastor as a link to PPT is easier as are notes in LOGOS but I prefer Olive Tree for my own Bible study group meetings and to take my own sermon notes. I now have over 5 years of sermon notes--great to see old notes.


A good app is one that you use without noticing it. With Olive Tree, I focus on God's word and I take the app for granted. It works so smoothly in and between devices that I don't even notice it. Thanks for all the unnoticed work that you all have done to make this app work for me.

Never Leave Home Without It

I love this app. It's easy to use and has my library in the palm of my hands. It makes studying easy and handy. Highlights and Notes are my favorite features. You can't lose with this app.

Seamless Flow

I've been using this Olive Tree Study Bible for years, but was never able to update it. I finally decided to get this new version and I'm thankful I did as it has such great improvements. I love being able to read from the ESV Study Bible, and reading RC Sproul's study notes, interchanged with the NIV Cultural Backgrounds Study Bible notes and Matthew Henry's Commentary. The reading plans are great - always there where I left off, ready for next day. What a great way to immerse yourself in the word! Thank you Olive Tree!

Very useful bible and study programs

I was going to give it four stars because of fairly regular bugs (very minor ones) that hinder things like page turning and loading of pages, supplementary material. But, they fix things very regularly, and the functionality of the scripture in tandem with the ability to use seamlessly with reference material on both iPhone and iPad makes this a must have app for me. The ability to easily buy and use more reference publications is a big plus as well. It is one of the few applications out of the dozens that I use on a regular basis.

Been a great tool for years

Have had for years. I really like the newer highlight and notes features. Also I use a number of translations as well and it is so easy to switch.

The Word of God

English is my second language. KJV is beautifully written to provoke deeper thought and is written in such a way to keep it in the memory, however, some parts of the Word are difficult to grasp. Thank you for providing parallel versions for helping me understand the concept and the context of those difficult passages. Many features included in your applications are excellent for organizing those beautiful "aha! Moments" for repeated usage. Thank you for helping me daily to see the beauty of Jesus , mySavior and Lord. JK

Bible at your fingertips!

Use it everyday!

Currently, only function is crash

The most recent update crashes upon opening the app, every time! Please fix so I may continue to use my favorite Bible app! I cannot open it at all!

Nothing better than Olive Tree

By far the best Bible app out there.

Great App

I use it every day and love the convenience of all the resources it makes available. And owning the resources and not having to have an Internet connection is invaluable.

My favorite version

This version is accurate and friendly to read and study


Love this app! Having the Bible on my phone is a great blessing.

Cross Reference

Great app to help with cross referencing during personal Bible study.

Great for IPad

I use the Olive Tree app almost exclusively for my bible study. I particularly like the reading plans that bring me right back to where I left off, as well as sync between my phone and IPad. Nice produce

Delivers Every Time

Every time this app is opened, it delivers gem after gem of Bible goodies.

No longer usable

Used to be great Bible app but the updates over the past few months have made navigation and history function inconsistent.


I've had this for two years and it's been a pain. It periodically crashes. It does not store its library, but requires re-downloads after any upgrade or device reset. Olive tree needs another two years of development and debugging.

Well done

I really enjoy this app. It's easy to navigate and has helpful functions. There are a wealth of add-ons available, but just having this as a quick to access bible is a blessing.

Best Bundle For Bible Software

This is one of the most functional software packages I have come across. I love that you have the Dake notes. Everything is easy to use and reference without losing your place.

Downgrade possible!!

Made the mistake of upgrading to 6.0, terrible option. Crashed continually. Scrolling issues. Totally useless. All I got from tech support was...."we spent 2 years working on it, you should expect a few cliches". So here is how to 'downgrade... Delete the app on your iPad, go to the App Store and select anything under 6.0. BOOM perfect. I have 5.9 running, all notes and all books in place. Got the great app experience back.

Great App! Easy to use and lots of features!

Strongly recommend this Bible app. Very easy to use and works as a pocket bible and more. With a little practice, it is easy to use on the same device along with Notepad (or some other text app) to take notes and follow a class or sermon. Lots of options and features. Well worth the price!


I prep almost al my ministry in OliveTree. The integration of Bibles and commentaries is excellent, and the sync between devices is superb. Great app. Great support.

Buggy update

Navigation is buggy. Trying to go to the beginning of a book jumps you about a chapter or two in. Text size adjustments when in landscape mode (phone horizontal) only seem to take effect for one or two books. If you keep scrolling, you'll eventually find text that is much smaller (in my case since I adjusted the size up).

Great Bible study tool

The Olive Tree suite of programs is an extremely useful tool for in-depth Bible study. The availability of so many resources in one program is wonderful!

Nothing negative

Gets the job done and works from multiple devices using icloud. All I needed.

OliveTree the BEST!

I love the easy to access notes and multiple cross references. Great concordance references and commentaries.

Great bible study app!

This app is easy to use and has a nearly limitless library of study tools which you can easily add to your arsenal. It will also sync all of your study tools and notes across all of your mobile devices.

Used the app for years

I have used the Bible Study apps from Olive Tree for years, all the way back to Treo phone days. It gives me what I need for study, speaking & notes to coordinate between iPhone, iPad & MacBook Pro.

Olive Tree rocks

Great app: move between passages easily, add notes, references easily read without loosing place in the Biblical text.

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